Will Ignytr really work for ME?

Will Ignytr really work for ME?


Hey hey, Ben here…


Can’t stay long cause’ I’m taking my boys Teddy and Axle out to the movies in a few hours…Guy’s day out : )


But before we load up on buttery popcorn and some 3-D animated action, I wanted to drop by and chat about the special Passive Income Ignytr Bundle we’ve been talking about the past few days.


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about it…


And I feel like I need to rub off some of the razzle dazzle…


The Passive Inc0me Ignytr isn’t a magical machine where you can sit on your couch, press a few buttons and Benjamins print out…


It’s a legitimate business that requires your time and energy…


So here’s the dealio: 


* You gotta hustle. To make $5k in 30 days and on to 6 figures a year… there’s no lollygagging around. We’ve spent months on detailed trainings that walk you by the hand and show you how to get there, but YOU gotta follow the trainings and take the necessary action.


*You won’t earn 6 figures in 30 days… the goal is you’ll launch a business that will create a dependable, consistent income for years to come…and onwards to 6 figures a year.


*You CAN’T be a people avoider.


*This is a serious and legitimate business and there IS a serious investment involved. That means you gotta focus like a laser beam on the plan we’ve laid out for ya’.


*There isn’t a Money Back Guarantee. I know a lot of folks like the comfort of having a cushion they can fall back on if things don’t work out. What we’ve found is folks looking for guarantees like this typically AREN’T serious about dedicating their time to a biz model that works.


I know that sounds a little harsh, but we’ve found that when folks don’t have a safety net they see MASSIVE success because they’re truly dedicated.




If you’re still with me.


This is what you have to look forward to:


– You’ll run a business that you’ll be proud to tell your friends and family about.


– You’ll be in a business that has been PROVEN. Our students CONSISTENTLY get checks every month using this exact same model.


===  > See the testimonials here


– You won’t have to settle for a trickle of small sales every few months. You’ll be behind the wheel of a business where your clients pay you $1000’s of dollars per year.


– You won’t need to spend months learning and delivering complex SEO, Adwords or website design services. After you rent the web property, the work is done. You’ll have plenty of time to take a few days off to spend time with your family or take that vacation you’ve talked about.


I know I’m leaving a ton of rockin’ stuff out.


Plus, I’m sure you’ve got some questions.


So let’s do this.


If you head over to the page we’ve put together, you will see a little chat button on the bottom right.


You can ask us any questions there, and if we’re not online, we’ll get back to you. Just pop in your email so we know where to reach you.


===> Get all your questions answered here 


Just so you know…


Dr. Dan and I don’t just sell the promise of stress free income using the Landlord Site Leasing Method.


We ACTUALLY do it.


In fact, I added a training to the Academy a few months ago where I created a digital asset using Ignytr, then sold the asset for $10k…


…the whole process took just 10 days.


You can watch over my shoulder and see exactly what I did….


And if you still got a few questions about the process, you can post them in the comment section and I’ll PERSONALLY respond.


That’s the power of being a member of our Digital Asset Dream Team.


We’re coaches who get excited about helping other folks build a stress free passive income…


And when we’re not coaching, we’re out on the field playing the SAME game with you, right beside you.


So when you start taking shots, we’ll be right there to help guide you until you start scoring some points…checks of $5k, $10k and $15k.


You with me?


=== > Yes, I’m in!


We can only leave this open until Monday at 11PM…


After that we’re shutting the doors and we won’t be offering this same bundle again…


As much as we’d like to help everyone, Dr. Dan and I HAVE to limit the applications so we can focus our time on helping all our new students get their first $5k check in 30 days.


Rock ON!


–Ben Littlefield and Doc Dan


P.S. You might be wondering the following…


Will this REALLY work for me?


If you like the idea of having a “Guarantee” so you’ve got a safety net…and aren’t ready to commit to a biz model that’s PROVEN…


If you’re always jumping around from the newest, shiniest online money-making model…


If you’re content feeling “safe” where you are now, even though you stay up at night wishing your life was different…


The Passive Income Ignytr isn’t for you.


In fact if you and I were to sit down and you handed me a check for $997, and you asked my honestly: “Will the Passive Income Ignytr REALLY work for me?,” and you answered YES to any of the above…


I would hand the check back to you and tell you to save it for a rainy day and NOT waste it on a business that you’re not serious about.




If you’re tired of business models that haven’t been PROVEN to work over and over again…


If you’re sick of chasing the newest and shiniest online making model of the day….


If you’re ready to leave the comfort of feeling “safe” and start molding a life were you don’t have to think about mon.ey or worry about missing out on watching your kids grow up…


Then the Passive Income Ignytr WILL work for you.


And I’d like to extend you a PERSONAL invitation to join so I can get you started on your first $5k.


=== > Yes, I accept Ben’s personal invitation and I’m ready to get started 














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