SEO for Non-Wizards

How you can win big in SEO without turning to the dark side…
Trying to figure out this whole SEO (search engine optimization) thing? Wanna do it in a way that doesn't require a rocket surgery degree? Not a licensed wizard? Cool! Me neither!

Here is a quick list of Free (but super awesome) SEO tools and resources that I hope you find useful…

1. keywords.

This is the foundation of how my own success is consistently achieved. If you pick bad keywords, it's like building a home with a weak paper thin foundation. It won't stand. Here is a free cheat sheet and a simple keyword discovery tool you can get and use for free. 

2. Content.

I know it's an overused expression : “content is king…” And it is as true as Zeus’ lightning bolt. The real reason people struggle with getting (and keeping) rankings is trying to find a shortcut around content. The problem is we are either lazy or we don't know where to start. And that's cool.

There is a free tool I use for myself (and encourage you to check out). It's called word SparkerIt makes it easy to create keyword optimized content quickly. Go here and give it a go. 

3. Architecture. 

Having keywords and content are only as good as knowing what to do with it. You need a formula to know exactly how to piece it together. Here's a quick free checklist that I follow to dominate most any niche I want. 

4. Pricing SEO. 

If you're doing SEO for others. Especially local business, it can be overwhelming. Here is a free formula and tool you can use to quickly figure out a solid pricing strategy. 

5. Rank ‘n Rent.

Last (but definitely not least)… If you want a winning blueprint – you should join my upcoming Free “digital real estate challenge.” You'll see some tried and true (and easy) strategies that have resulted in multiple millions.

This is how Ed Landed $50k+ in recurring deals in just 2-months…

Feel free to ride along and join the challenge for free here…



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  1. Thanks, Rock Star Ben, for the tools and training. $50,000 down, $950,000 to go.Looking forward to your challenge.

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