Strategic Reviews From The RockStar Secret Lair

One of the things we have lots of fun doing is working with fellow RockStar Entrepreneurs who are working to improve their Digital Assets. These include Sales funnels, squeeze pages, lead gen stuff, etc. We decided to make our recent strategy review available for you.

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Learn from it and give us feedback. We want to know if you would benefit from more of this if we were to open up the secret lair to a few more people and make it easy to access.



  1. This was very helpful. I am about to create my first fb traffic local lead gen site. This review allowed me to see how I would approach my lead gen site traffic. Highly recommended, I’m in!!!

  2. Word up…
    Thanks for reviewing my squeeze page!!
    I will start to grab emails upfront and see how it goes… Working on it now.

    As for the monthly at a $100, I probably wouldn’t sign up at that price (just being honest) because without seeing what is going to be covered and no way of knowing whether or not my specific issues are going to be addressed when I do submit them, I wouldn’t want to pay to see a bunch of newbies posting about their issues that I may already have under control.

    I would be willing to pay and watch a case study where you take a new product and setup a funnel to monetize it from scratch and show how you tweak all the way from beginning to end showing the steps and money in/money out.

    I would also be willing to nominate my product that you could do it with! 🙂

    Either way, Keep up the good work, I always poke in when I can!

  3. Yo Aaron
    You’re already in bro! Lol… As part of the closed group.


    And Btw… If we decide to open this, it wouldn’t be anywhere near 100. Closer to half that.

    Rock on! 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing this great info. Even though I am not a newbie to IM and Offline, there was a few golden nuggets I found to be very helpful.
    I think I would be more interested in joining a like minded membership group.

    Suggestion re the Instant Quote Tool. I absolutely love the Instant Quote tool. I can see the Instant Quote tool as a stand alone product which can be sold to businesses on a monthly basis. However as it stands at the present, for each new client I sell this to, I will have to install a new database on a new domain every time. Is it possible that you could make the Instant Quote software handle multiple clients on one database install?

  5. Could you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop doing this without the annoying music bed that simply distracts from what you are teaching? The only reason for a music bed like that is to (presumably) keep people amped up, but we are already interested and don’t need the manipulation. All it does for me is make me want to run away. I can’t listen to it all the way through. I tried five times… and all it does is add cognitive processing that keeps me from the message. The content may be good, but I’d like to give it a fair shot without that.

  6. I’m honestly not trying to be critical. I appreciate your work.. just want to get to the good stuff without the distraction. It’s like when THAT commercial comes on TV and they’re promoting something and trying to get you to come into an electronics store, or mattress store or whatever, with that rock music bed, or buy this now.. and you know they’re manipulating you, and the first thing you do is you grab for the mute button. If I could mute the music bed and keep the other stuff, it would be great! And i like rock in other contexts, so it’s not that. Thanks for your good products and good work.

  7. I truly appreciate it. We are always looking to improve and your feedback makes that possible!

    You rock! 😉

  8. After watching the video, I must say I am interested in this thing. I have my e-commerce business for clothing. And I want to improve marketing strategies and increase in sales. You guys are doing great things, it helps me and many other people like me.

  9. Thanks for the free content. I am going to watch it again and see how I can apply it to what I currently do in the internet marketing game.

  10. There is plenty of interest in your system even after just reading a few of your posts. Now you are going to give me some free video guides to watch? I am all over that. I will report back how I apply the information!

  11. That was very helpful. I am going to have to take a step back and re-evaluate where I am headed right now with my online business. I think you make some good points on your site here and I must learn from them!

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