RockStar Mac Tip: Turn off Notifications!

It just ain’t cool having a bunch of crap popup on your screen (skype, facebook, etc.) when you are recording a screencast or holding a live webinar. See how we Mac Snobs fix it with a couple easy clicks…

How To Turn Off Notifications On Mac

This is a rookie mistake that I see alot of people make when they are either recording a screencast or doing a live webinar.

They have their dock bouncing with notifications from either Skype of Apple Messages or something trying to get their attention while anyone watching is getting distracted.

By turning off notifications on your mac… you will no longer have that problem 🙂

You can also do this with your iPhone and iPad too 🙂


  1. I am iOS developer and record screencast tutorial od iOS development for my youtube channel. This problem of unwanted notification always bugs me. Either I restart the tutorial or I have to make them blurry on the video. This help me a lot. Thank you Ben.

  2. Another great tip! I have noticed this when watching other screencasts online. Very simple thing to take care of while you are recording.

  3. LOL. I always laugh when I get to read other notifications while
    watching a screencast online. I would think that you would want all
    distractions off the screen, but maybe some people do not care.

  4. This might seem like an easy thing to do, but I bet it takes a while before someone remembers to turn them off before each recording session. Good tips!

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