Avoiding “Poodle Fluffery” – 2 Ways to Price Your Digital Asset Lease Sites.

Here are 2 ways to justify pricing for digital assets…

As you know, we like to sell/lease assets for a minimum of $500/month or $5000/year. And many of you know I prefer collecting annual deals for locked in cash flow.

There are 2 ways we make this a “no brainer.” Not counting the whole “poodle fluffery” thing. And when we can hit both of these, it makes it very easy to justify.

Here are the 2 ways we justify this:

1. PPC cost comparison. 

Many of the niches we do have extremely high adwords click costs for the combination of keywords. Many have click costs of above $20 for a single click for a comparable combination of keywords. Some even have over $100 per click.

Even at $10 per click, your typical campaign will cost $1,000 per month for only 100 clicks.

So, is $500 a good deal? Yep!

2. ROI and Customer Value

When working on high value niches, many times you'll find a deal to your “tenant” is worth $5000, $10,000, or even $25,000+

A pool builder can pay me $10,000 for a year and land just 1 deal worth $70k and they just got a 7x ROI.
Pretty good deal for them, right?
Keep it simple!


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Ben Littlefield

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