How To Make 2019 Rock!

Use this guide to make 2019 totally Rock!

Here Are Some of The Highlights:

Why F.E.A.R. is both good and bad. How to never allow it to cripple or slow you down to your path of success!

If you Desire it… You Deserve it! Get Specific and detailed on what it is you want in your life. No more wishy washy goal setting. It’s time to make them happen!

Go on a Mental Colonic! Cleanse all the crap and distractions outta your head so you can make a clear path to your dreams and make them a reality!

Love Your Family and Choose Your Friends! Surround yourself around others that not only understand your goals and dreams… But they want to join you! It’s only lonely at the top if you don’t bring or make friends at the top.

Make it Easy To Win! Celebrate all your achievements so that you will want to have more!

Now… Go Out and Make 2019 Rock!

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Ben:     All right. So, let’s kind of transition now into making 2019 totally rock. Take it away, Dan.

Dr. Dan:    Will do. Thank you, Ben. What are some of the things that we can do for 2019 to make it totally rock? Let me ask you guys, how many of you have heard the, I guess it would be called an acronym for, or the abbreviation of what fear stands for, for the letters F-E-A-R?

I want to see how many of you have heard us talk about that, or maybe somebody else. Let me see. Right, Michael’s saying yes. Okay. Like it. Mark. Yep, Mark wrote it out. Oh, Butch. I’ve never heard anybody say, “false impressions”. Interesting. That’s the first time I’ve seen that.

Expectations? Close. Yeah, yeah. I guess that could work as well. Okay, cool. Yeah, so for those of you that haven’t heard of it, like I think Andrew said he hasn’t. I think there was a couple other ones in there as well, is, it is “false evidence appearing real”, or expectations. I guess that can go as well, or the emotion as well.

A lot of these can go with that, but this actually really helped me years ago when I first heard it, probably what, 14, 15 or so years ago? I’ve lived my life to it, because it just helps me. Because, I was one of those people that had a lot of fears going on in my life and I had to learn, not only … Well, let me ask you this. How many of you think, is fear good or bad, before I start going in it?

Don’t be afraid to answer. I’m waiting for answers here. Okay, I’m seeing Roy says “both”. Christina’s saying “bad”. Roger’s saying “good”. Mary’s saying “depends”. Butch’s saying, “It can be good. Both can be good.” Okay. I like that. I like that. I like that Andrew says, “Has an upside if it’s a lion you’re facing.”

Nice, nice. “Especially if you’re with a friend and the fear hits you really hard, and then you run faster than your friend.” Right? Nice, nice. Well, to be honest, fear is not bad, and it took me a while to even understand that, because I thought it was something that I had to battle.

Fear is an excellent tool to motivate you, and to teach you, and to prevent you from doing stupid shit, okay? These are one of those times that I am going to curse to keep you from doing stupid shit. Okay? But, you have to learn how to use it correctly.

Because, I’ll tell you what, if you didn’t have fear and you learn how to shut off fear, then what happens when you decide, “Hey, I’m going to take a selfie of myself because I’m going hiking, and “Oh, hey, this cliff over here looks pretty cool. I’m going to take a nice selfie over here, overlooking the valley, or this area?”

Then, the fear doesn’t kick in and you go a little too close, and then you fall over, right? That really sucks. Or, when you’re driving in a car and you have no fear of that yellow line in the middle of the road and you just decide, “Oh, you know, I don’t fear that yellow line so I’m just going to go right over it and just decide to stick over here on the wrong side, or pass 10 cars even though I see another car might be coming up.”

Of course. Well, obviously, those are times when you want to listen in to your fear, right? If you listen to it and use it correctly, then fear is an excellent tool, but it’s like …

Fear can hit you, and if you didn’t have that fear and learn how to use it then it wouldn’t give you that boost, or that energy to go out there and understand, “I need to go get another client this month or sell an asset, or lease an asset, or create a digital asset, or do something out there to bring in some money to pay for my rent or my mortgage, or just to put food on the table.”

Because, if you don’t have that fear and you’re not using it correctly, then you’re not going to be able to do those things. Now, fear in a bad way, just for those things that are keeping you, like, “Oh, I’m just going to sit in the corner and cry,” … Well, I want you to think.

Okay, that whole thing, that “false evidence appearing real”, or anything similar to that, so “false evidence appearing real” … The reason why we say it that way is because it hasn’t happened, so it’s false. The fear.

It’s like you’re predicting something’s going to happen that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll tell you what. If you wrote down everything that you fear each day for two weeks and then go back and tally up all the things that you feared that actually happened in your life, how many of those things do you think would actually happen?

I’ve done it in the past and I’ll tell you that less than 1%, even less than that. I don’t even know what number that is. .0001% actually happened, or might never even happen in your entire life, so I’ll tell you at the end of my life if it happened.

With that last day I’ll let you know. “Oh yeah, that one thing I feared, you know, a couple times, never happened, because I’m about to die today.” So, boom! Yes! I can’t tell you those things, but it’s a waste of time and an energy on it, so stop fearing those things.

Learn for ways to use fear as a tool, a way to juice you, a way to use that energy to get out there and get things done, get shit done. Just imagine how much more could you get done if you stopped worrying about the worthless crap that fear is forcing you or feels like it’s forcing you to not be able to do anything. How many things do you think you can get done? Put it on the chat box. You learn how to use [crosstalk 00:06:41] correctly.

Ben:            Another side of that is if used incorrectly, fear creates your own self-imposed scarcity and your own self-imposed prison. It limits you from doing what you are capable of.

If used correctly you use fear to motivate you the other way. I just ask myself sometimes … If I feel fear coming, which is a natural human tendency to have that emotion boil up inside you and you start feeling fearful about something …

That’s natural, all right? There are evolutionary reasons for it, like survival, but some of those we have gone way beyond. In becoming a more technologically advanced society and all these things, that we’re still wired the same way cave people were wired in terms of having these fears of a predator coming and getting us.

That’s not really likely to happen, but we’re wired that way. But, you can motivate yourself the opposite way and say … An exercise I do when I feel that, I ask myself … Well, maybe it has to do with picking up the phone and calling somebody to ask them for something.

It doesn’t even have to be selling anything. It could just be I’m just uncomfortable calling and asking a favor from somebody, or whatever, because I have a fear of this rejection, whatever I’ve told myself and started building up in my mind.

Then I ask myself, “Well, if I don’t do it, if I don’t just pick up that phone and call that person, well hell, the outcome is this horrible possibility of me not getting anything done and me not making my mortgage this month,” or whatever.

Hell, I fear that a whole hell of a lot more, so it’s redistributing it, but what I was saying just a second ago about creating your own self-imposed scarcity or your own self-imposed prison, here’s an example.

I’m going to go ahead and preach to you for one second here. A lot of you guys … I used to do this, too. A lot of you guys, you’re really nervous and hesitant to get in there in the forum or in the groups and talk about your niches. Why is that?

I’m not telling you you have to. I’m not telling you to expose, like, “Okay, I’m working on this niche in this city.” I’m not telling you you have to do that, but I want you to think about that for a second, because it’s this old saying.

When I was early in my business and I had this chance to take on an investor, I remember being taught this, because I didn’t want to take on investors. I wanted to own a hundred percent of my little import/export business and I didn’t want to do all this stuff.

One of my mentors … I was in my twenties. I was young. I was 21 years old, I think at the time, and one of my mentors told me, “Look, do you want to own a hundred percent of $100,000 a year, or do you want to own 20% of 5 million dollars a year?”

I was like, “Okay.” It opened my mind up, like, “Okay.” That’s where I started understanding more and more about abundance. Guys, look at some of the stuff we’ve done.

Dan, how many open case studies do we have where we’ve just outright shared our assets, our niches, and keywords, and everything? How many of those have been destroyed by someone else?

Dr. Dan:    Man, if any … I know at one point we say one, maybe one, and then I remember that it actually went away, so that one doesn’t even count anymore.

Ben:            Yeah, and so the point I’m making is part of that is, hey, you are part of this community and this group of everybody who wants to see everybody succeed. You want to succeed for yourself and there’s nothing selfish about that.

Hey, being part of a group of everybody who’s working together towards that goal, allowing everybody to help everybody … Man, stop being scared of … If you need help, don’t be scared. Just say, “Look, I’m doing this niche in this city.”

That’s not the point I’m making. Can you allow yourself to be open to allowing yourself to not have that fear of somebody else coming to get you? Because, we got tens of thousands of niches and cities.

You start adding it all up and doing the multiples … I’ll tell you right now, there’s less than a thousand people that have Igniter in the world. Let’s just say we grew that thing and we had 10,000 people using Igniter. That would probably be the absolute max.

Even with 10,000 people there’d be 20,000 different combinations for every single person. We’ve done the math, when you look at niches and cities, and all that stuff, so let’s stop being scared to talk about those things.

We asked a lot of you guys here, “Okay, we want to do some reviews and provide some pointers and tips. We can help you better if you’re open to getting past that fear.” You agree, Dan?

Dr. Dan:    Yeah. Oh, for sure, man. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. The other thing, too, is actually, I just saw Mary made a comment that was really good. She said that her biggest fear is being judged as not good enough.

Well, you know what? That is part of your survival, because that has … That doesn’t serve you in today’s day and age, because I’ll tell you what, yeah, maybe in school if you did something, picked your nose in public and everybody will make fun of you and you’ll be known as “Nose Picker Mary”.

I don’t know, something like that. They’d come up with something probably more catchy, but I’ll tell you what, in today’s day and age if you go outside your house and you pick your nose, and your neighbors see you, if they call you names you’re not going to hear it, so it doesn’t freaking matter. Who cares?

When I take a shower and my wife is always closing the curtains and stuff, and the blinds, and I’m just butt naked outside … Not outside, but in my big bathroom, and I know probably, maybe the neighbors can see me.

I don’t know. I don’t know, but I don’t really care, because I don’t hear anything from them. Maybe somebody down on the other side of the golf course with binoculars or a telescope, maybe they’re looking in. I don’t know, but I don’t really care.

Stop worrying about what other people think of you, or being judged. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is your own opinion about yourself, and the best part is you can change that opinion any time you want. You control that.

Ben:            Absolutely, and then, yeah, Kevin, you only get help when you ask for it, so that’s the way it is.

Dr. Dan:    Nice.

Ben:            Anything else to add before we start doing check-ins and [crosstalk 00:13:30]?

Dr. Dan:    I had a couple more things I wanted to throw in because [crosstalk 00:13:33] I got something that’s built in, built up, because it’s been awhile since I’ve preached these, I think about a year. So, I’m going to hit you guys with some more.

The other thing I want to mention … This is something that I just learned myself not that long ago and it has to do with the desires that you have in your life. What are some of the desires you guys have?

What are some of the things that you want, that you desire, that you want to buy, get, or have? It can be a car. It could be a house. It could be a yacht. It can be a speedboat. It can be a diamond watch. It can be a cool watch collection like Ben. Put something in the chat box.

Ben:            Put one thing in the chat box.

Dr. Dan:    I want to see your thing in the chat box. Okay, Patty. Okay, I like that. Patty: “Retirement with no financial worries,” but you know what? Get more specific. What are some of the things you want? Right?

Because, retirement with no financial worries sounds good but there’s nothing to really … That’s like you can move the goal line so many times. That’s like me and Ben where we used to say, “We want to be financially free,” but we were never financially free until we said, “We want to make [crosstalk 00:14:48] a hundred grand a year.”

Ben:            A number. A number. Pat, tell us a number.

Dr. Dan:    Then we moved the goal line.

Ben:            What’s that number you need to be financially free for you?

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, because a hundred grand a year will barely even cover my mortgage and eating at McDonald’s, basically, by myself. Okay? Butch, is that you? Yeah, Butch: “Motor glider”. Cool.

Mary: “Bigger home”. What size house, Mary? How much is it going to cost? I want to know how big is it? Okay, Phil: “Mortgage free”. Okay, well, you’re never going to be truly mortgage free, Phil.

You’re never going to be truly mortgage free, unfortunately, because, yeah, you could pay off your mortgage, but you still got to pay the taxes and all that other stuff. Then, you’re still going to have to do repairs and things like that.

There’s nothing wrong with paying off your mortgage. That is a great goal to have but you also want to think a little bit bigger, a little bit bigger. I want to pay off my mortgage and I also want to have a vacation home, or I want to build an extension onto my house, or I want to put a waterfall in my backyard, or a salt water pool, or something else.

I want to have a zip line in my backyard. I want to have a water slide going through the inside of my house to the outside. It doesn’t even have to be that big. I’m just giving you some ideas here to think big.

Ben:            [crosstalk 00:16:14] kind of just reminded me of our buddy Jessie. I wonder if he ever installed that zip line in his backyard.

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, yeah. I didn’t see any pictures of that, so I doubt it. Patty. Okay, 10K a month. Okay, very cool, very cool. That’s $120,000 a year, by the way. “Vacation home on Mexico Pacific coast.” That’s Michael. Very cool. I like it. I like it.

Do you have a picture of that, Michael? Did you go out and go online, or go in a magazine and cut out picture and put it on your wall, or put it in a book somewhere that you could look at it often?

Put it as a screensaver, or a rotating screen saver. You could even go on Amazon and order one of those frames where you can get a SD card. I know they have Wi-Fi ones now, too, but the research shows that the SD card ones are still a little bit better, more reliable.

You can get that and you could rotate images of all the stuff you want, right? Put that in there and have it constantly going. Roger: “Travel to Iceland to sit in the natural springs.” I like that. That sounds like fun. Let’s do that, man.

Let’s see. They have those in Sun Valley, Idaho as well. Tony Robbins actually is … I think there’s one or two … I think there’s two or three in all of, I think he said northern California. Not northern, but in the US, or maybe I’m incorrect.

I thought he said there was only two or three in the US and he has one of them in his backyards. I didn’t go in it because it was just too damn cold outside. I was like, “Forget that.” “Beach house”, Jocelyn says. Love it, love it. Okay. “Mercedes C260AMG” says Denisha. Awesome.

Ben:            C63. C53AMG. Denisha, man, I’m telling you, you [crosstalk 00:17:58].

Dr. Dan:    Oh, she changed it. She updated it. I like it.

Ben:            You should also test drive the BMW M4. I’m just telling you. Just telling you.

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, but man, the Benz looks so beautiful inside, so it just depends on what you’re looking …

Ben:            It is.

Dr. Dan:    But yeah, test drive them both.

Ben:            It definitely is.

Dr. Dan:    Better financing with BMW, too, by the way. That’s why I keep going back and forth. We’ve had Mercedes our whole life, my whole family. Let’s see. “Afford to travel to Maryland with my family every year to visit in-laws.” Love it, Andrew.

“25K a month,” says Tony. Okay, yeah. I’m seeing some awesome stuff here, and you know what? This is great that you guys put this out here. We should actually create a thread in the Digital Asset Academy.

Just one thread where everybody just puts in all the stuff they want and their, just, list of all the things that they’re going to achieve and that they want to achieve, and images as well, because I want to see all that in there, because I love this.

Yeah, so what I was going to tell you guys, and the point I was getting to … The point I was getting to is … I want you to understand this. The reason why … This is what really flipped for me, flipped my switch this year, because there was a couple of things holding me back as well still, which is pretty funny.

I’m going to tell you the same thing that was told to me. The reason why you desire these things is not because somebody else told you that you should get them, or because you’re jealous, or whatever else, or anything like that, or your upbringing, or anything like that.

It has to do with your value, how you internally see your value, how much you know you are worth. Right? This is your value. You deserve it. These are things that you deserve in your life, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to get them.

It just guarantees this is what you see yourself deserving and that your value is worth, but it’s up to you to go out and get it, okay? You are only stopping yourself from getting these things. It’s achievable in this lifetime for you.

Now, you know what? Maybe something’s holding you back and you don’t get past it. Well, you know what? Some point you’re going to get there, whether you believe in the afterlife, the next life, or reincarnation, or whatever. It’s something that we believe in and this is something that you will reach, whether it be this lifetime, the next lifetime, the next lifetime.

I’m not trying to get religious or anything like that, but bottom line is you deserve this. It’s part of your value. It’s what you value yourself, so you just need to go out there and get it, simple as that. Write that down. Write down that this is my value, this is what I deserve, and get there.

Ben:            Something I’ve done, and this is very counterintuitive, and don’t take this as specific legal or financial advice here, but something that I’ve done sometimes when I have …

Any time in my life I’ve ever felt like I’ve hit some sort of plateau in my business, in my life, or whatever, I’ve learned that even though it feels completely contrary to the right move, that’s usually when I have found that it’s the best time to start investing in something.

In other words, if I find, “Oh, I can’t break past this goal of hitting this financial objective,” maybe I have some goal, I’ll go out and I’ll clear out a lot of my savings or whatever I got and go buy something expensive.

Then, lo and behold, a month later I’ve more than crushed my objective, but when I start holding back and saying, “Oh, I got to be all saving and pinching everything, clutching it tight and everything,” it seems like I cannot break through.

That includes my personal life. I might make some big, huge investment in my relationship with my wife or my family, take the time off to go do it even though it may seem counterintuitive to other things I’m doing. Sometimes you have to … What do you say, Dan? You do have to just jump and let the net appear.

Dr. Dan:    Yep.

Ben:            Do not misunderstand me and get yourself into financial trouble making a bad decision, but sometimes for me it works really well when I just, basically, reverse engineer.

I’m like, “Well, hell. I just got this expensive house. I got to go pay for it now.” You know? I have no choice. I kind of create my own … I create my own “burn the ships behind me” scenario.

Dr. Dan:    Yep. Yeah, and there’s not going to be a point … I know a couple people in here mentioned, “Oh, I want to buy this with cash. I want to do this for cash,” but you know what? It’s a lot easier to go out and get … As Roy says, a $70,000 bass boat, or Denisha was saying, the AMG Mercedes … They want to buy it cash.

Well, you know what? You might be a year, or two years, three years from being able to do that, but you know what? There are some things that you got to get now. Whether you have to finance it, that is totally fine. Sometimes it makes better sense.

Ben does nothing but lease his cars, because it makes better sense tax-wise, freeing up your cash so he can spend money, and so we can put our money into getting more development done that’ll make us more money in turn. On certain things, don’t wait until you’ve got a big flux of cash, until you can go out and go buy something.

That’ll bring us up to something else in a little bit. Again, I’m not saying go out there … Like Ben said, don’t go out there just accumulate a ton of debt. But, you know what?

If you’re waiting to make 2 million dollars so you can go buy your big house while you’re living in a 1200 square foot studio apartment, or a 1000 square foot studio apartment, or in LA in a 400 square foot studio apartment that’s costing you three grand to live in or four grand to live in a month, you got to take the next step if you want to be able to get past that.

Now, the next thing I want to talk about, unless Ben had anything else to talk about on that … Did you have anything else you want to mention, or no?

Ben:            Nope.

Dr. Dan:    Okay, cool. The next thing I wanted to mention was going on a mental colonic. Now, how many of you have heard me talk about this before, a mental colonic? Okay, couple people saying yes, no. Okay. No, no, yes.

Roger says yes. Okay. I like that. Butch says, “As in a mental enema?” Yes. “A mental what?” Joel. A mental colonic. Yeah, that’s where they stick a tube up your butt and cleanse your internals.

Ben:            All right. All right. I just call this sitting on a rock, by the way.

Dr. Dan:    Sit on a rock to get a mental cleanse? Well, I’m going somewhere a little different with it this time than sitting on a rock. Okay, so this is something that I learned. It wasn’t called a mental colonic. It’s just the name I gave it. A mental cleanse, right?

Something that was taught to me probably about, what, 14, 15 years ago, and we did it for about two years to three years straight. It was a little over two years straight. We canceled our cable, and to this date we still do not have regular TV cable.

It’s a lot easier now with streaming, with Netflix and Hulu, and cool channels like that. Back then we didn’t have any of those things. Back then the streaming for us was going to my parents house and watching their cable sometimes.

There’s a reason why we did this. It wasn’t because we wanted to save money. It wasn’t because we couldn’t afford it. It was because we were going on a mental cleanse, a mental colonic.

Now, how many of you have heard what the word “news” stands for? So, N-E-W-S. The acronym for that. Anybody? Put it in the chat box. News. N-E-W-S. What do you think it stands for? Come on. Even if you don’t know, pretend like you do.

What? Paul: “North, east, west, south.” Okay, well, I’m not talking about the official one, not the official. What it really means … Andrew’s close. He says “crap”. I like Roger. “Automatic income reducer”. Yeah, that’d be A-I-R. Nice, nice.

Okay, I’m liking some of these right here. Okay, so this is the acronym I heard years ago, “negative entertainment while sitting”. “Negative entertainment while sitting”, because it is so freaking negative. It is so negative, and it makes you feel like shit.

I like that. Patty says, “Never ending wasted space”. Love it. Okay. I like … Amir said, “Not even worth shit.” Love it. All those are correct. All those are correct. I love it. “Negative entertainment while sitting.”

Part of the colonic, the mental colonic, is avoiding the news, avoiding TV, because trust me, you know what? If something bad happens, well, now you guys got Facebook, too. It shows on Facebook, so you’re going to have to take a little break on that a little bit, too, or just scroll right past it. Don’t even view it. Unfollow things that have to do with negative stuff or people that are constantly negative.

What you want to do is avoid the news, avoid TV, and avoid anything that’s negative entertainment. Now, back then we did this seven days a week, pretty much. One of the days we allowed ourselves to watch one of our favorite shows, and that was once a week, the day that it would air, which I think was a Thursday.

Thursday night we’d go to my parents house and we’d go watch a show. You can have what’s called a zig-zag day. You are zigging and then you can zag one day. Try this out. Just try it for two weeks. Commit for the next two weeks and if that works try it for 40 days.

If that works try it for a couple more months. Just keep giving yourself a little bit of a challenge to try this for a little bit and see how much more productive you can get by avoiding a lot of this negative crap that’s out there and trying to get your attention.

You can reward yourself once a week. Watch your favorite show. Watch two of your favorite shows. Heck, you could spend the whole day watching TV if you really wanted to, but I’m not suggesting you do that.

Do this mental colonic and I am sure that you will get some awesome results. Let’s see. All right. Anything you want to add to that, Ben, before I move to this [crosstalk 00:29:49]?

Ben:            I guess I did a similar thing a while back. Dude, I’m not going to lie. I watch a shit ton of TV. That’s what my wife and I do every night. We wind down for the last two hours of the evening. We watch two hours of TV.

There in our movie room we got all those Netflix shows, but I will say, even to this day I make a very concerted effort to be very careful about the kind of information that comes in, because a lot of it … Yeah, it just creates stress for no reason. There’s nothing I can do about it.

There’s some really bad shit happening in the world and it’s not out of the lack of sympathy or lack of care, or anything like that. If there’s nothing I can do right now about it, it’s only stressing me and taking away from the positive that I can put into the world. That’s important, and I discovered this on my own.

I went through a really horrible time a few years back and I basically grabbed a backpack and left, and just lived out of a backpack over a year, traveling all over the world. I really had very limited access to news and TV and everything, because I was just living in hostels, backpacker hostels and just jumping around.

I was running an internet business, so I’d get online to do some things every day for an hour or two a day, but I remember how productive I was in those one or two hours every day because I wasn’t absorbing anything. I wasn’t absorbing and taking on any negative crap.

It was pretty cool, and that wasn’t really because I was intentionally trying to do it. It was just because I was busy out climbing mountains and doing fun stuff. I didn’t want to … I had no reason to want to sit back and watch the news or anything. Anyway, yeah. That’s all awesome stuff. Anything else before we go into check-ins and Q & A?

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, Ben, that’s pretty much what you did. You went on a mental colonic without even trying. That is awesome. The other thing that ties into that as well is one of the Rockstar lessons, is spiritual vampires. Avoid spiritual vampires.

What does that mean? It means love your family and choose your friends, and this also includes for business partners and people that you work with. Let’s say you hire somebody to be your virtual assistant, or let’s say you decide to partner up with somebody and they’re going to build sites and your going to sell them, or they’re going to sell them and you’re going to build them.

You know what? If they’re a negative spiritual vampire then I would avoid them. You don’t need that crap in your life. What’s that old saying? If you want to … I always forget exactly how it goes, but the financial wealth of your friends. What was that again?

Ben:            Oh, “Your net worth is based on who you hang out with.” If you look at the average net worth of your friends, of the five closest people to you, you’re probably going to be within one or two percentage points. That’s been proven many times.

Dr. Dan:    The other-

Ben:            It’s not to say don’t hang out with people who are broke. No. It’s a mentality. It’s a broke mentality versus an abundant mentality.

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, you need to remember that it’s not only financial. That goes so many ways, because it’s not just financial wealth. Spiritual wealth, health wealth, physical wealth, emotional wealth … That all goes together. You can still have your lifelong friends, and your family and stuff like that, but if they’re a negative influence in your life you need to see them less and get around more positive people.

How do you make new friends? Well, ask yourself, where do they hang out? Go to local events. Go to local meetups. Go to big events. Go to small events. Hire a coach, right?

Ben:            Yeah. [crosstalk 00:34:23]. That’s one of the reasons we get out and go to a lot of the internet marketing events. It’s one of the reasons we go Master Minds and coaching things. We want to be around other people doing a lot of what we’re doing and thinking of the world the same way we do.

Here’s something really important for you, is you need to really look at one thing a little differently if you haven’t already done this. I’m going to pose this as a question instead of as a command. Have any of you … Just put a yes, even if it’s not recently.

Have any of you here ever not done something that you wanted to do in your business? Maybe you had a business idea. Maybe it was something to do with digital assets. Maybe it was something else. Anything in your business or your entrepreneurial path … Have you ever held back because of negative feedback from friends?

Like, “Oh, you’ll never succeed at doing that. There is no way that’ll happen. That’s a bad idea.” Has that ever happened to you? Yes. You’ve got shitty friends. Once I dumped all those friends …

I’m not telling you to dump all your friends, but once I got to where I kept an arm’s length from friends like that and went to friends that said … Because, hey, I might have a shitty idea but sometimes a friend just needs to let me sound it off first. I’ll figure that out it’s a bad idea myself. I don’t need somebody who’s knee jerk reaction in anything is, “No. Here’s why it won’t work.”

If you can’t have a soundboard … Man. That’s one of the reasons the academy exists, by the way. Everybody in this academy, everybody here right now, that’s a soundboard. These are people that want to see you succeed. These are people that want to see you succeed.

If you have friends in your life that are like that, it’s not because you have bad ideas, necessarily. It’s because you have friends who aren’t really supportive of your dreams.

Dr. Dan:    Well, and-

Ben:            Because, your dreams make them feel less.

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, let me get a little deeper on that then, too, because there’s another variation of that. It’s not their fault because they don’t know any better. It’s just like if you put your hand into a little … If you put your hand … I’m trying to think of the word, like a fish tank, or aquarium, whatever they call those for non-fish.

If you put yourself in a glass case that has a scorpion in there, you put your hand in there and you get stung by the scorpion, is it the scorpion’s fault? No! Because, the scorpion’s being a scorpion. It doesn’t know any better. It doesn’t have any ill feelings towards you.

It’s not sitting there going, “Oh, there’s that dude. I’m going to go sting his ass.” Right? “Yeah. Oh, yeah. I hate that mo fo.” No! It’s not. It’s being a … They don’t know any better, so the same thing goes. I don’t know about you guys, but having a son, I really didn’t know how many times I’d get hit in the nuts.

It’s like, man! My son, Body, would kick me in the nuts so many times. It hurts. I don’t know how many of you who have boys have gotten hit in the nuts, whether it be that he kicked you or punched you, or threw something there on accident, sometimes on purpose, but, man, it’s not … They don’t know any better! They don’t know any better, okay?

So, knowing that, this is some of the advice I’ve given my own family as well, is don’t share things with people that can’t help. Don’t share about how you are going to invest in something.

Don’t share about how you’re going to build this digital asset or you’re going to go and lease it out there and you’re going to make $10,000 a month, and all this stuff, to people that have never done it themselves and aren’t doing that themselves, to somebody that has what they call a safe, secure, cushy job with benefits. That’s bullshit, right?

Don’t talk to those people about those kind of goals. Don’t talk about how you’re going to get this brand new AMG Mercedes when their driving hoopties. They’re driving a wrecked up car and they’re working a dead-end job, and they’re just not happy in their life, because they can’t help you with that.

Don’t do that unless it’s somebody that is supportive and they’re like, “That is awesome. That’s amazing, and you inspire me as well,” because that is great. You don’t need to drop those people, because you can inspire and uplift them as well. Now, if they don’t take that the same way, and they don’t take it as like, “Oh, you’re inspiring me,” then that’s something different, and they just want to beat on you or anything like that.

Now, there’s other ways of getting around the right people. We talked about events. We talked about seminars. We talked about … What I recommend, the best results I got … This is going to sound like a little self promotion here, which it is, is small events that cost more money.

Why? Because it attracts people that are either at a higher level or they are ready to get to that higher level, like the event we’re doing. That’s the only reason why we’re doing these events is because … One of the only reasons why is because we want to help those people achieve a higher level and have them network with other people that are either at a higher level or want to get to a higher level.

For me, I dropped $60,000 just to join Tony Robbins Platinum Partners. That’s not including trip costs, which was about anywhere from eight to $15,000 per trip on top of that. I spent over $150,000 for just that one year traveling around with other people operating at a higher level.

Some were millionaires. Some were just doing a half a million a year. There was one that was doing a billion dollars. I wanted to surround myself with other people operating at a higher level. Another thing you can do- I’ll mention this last one before I move on to the last thing- is you can intern. You can work for free for somebody.

You can work a couple hours a week or something. You can say, “Hey, let me help with your support,” or “Let me help you with something and I’ll do that for free so I can learn from you.” That’s another thing you can do as well. Now, that’s something I never really did because I didn’t really need to.

I ended up hiring coaches myself, kind of like how you guys are pretty much doing, and that’s how I got there, but that is something that you could always do. It doesn’t just have to be in this industry.

It could be in a different industry. It could be an investor or something, somebody that’s really smart with investing and you want to help out, or something like that. Is there anything you want to add to that?

Ben:            No. I’ve always done that … Whenever I was wanting to get into something new, I learned a really interesting way of doing that. I refer to it as a research project, and that really has nothing to do with searching Google or doing that kind of research.

It has to do with, at most, you searching Google to find out who the top experts are in an area you want to master and finding ways to reach out and have a five minute conversation with them. You’ll be surprised what doors can open and what you can learn from doing such a thing.

That’s always been a really cool way of diving into something new. Because, if you want to get to another level and everyone you’re surrounded with is still at the ground level where you want to get out of, there’s no room to move. They will hold you down.

I’m not saying that to be a jerk. It’s just the way humans are. We stick to that same social circle and don’t move to the next one up. It doesn’t allow for that movement to be easy to do, so that’s why you go to events. Be active in the forum. Be active in the groups. You are already surrounded by people that want to see you just crush it, so take advantage.

Dr. Dan:    Yeah, Patty brought us something great right here. She just said, “When you come from a 9 to 5 …” You know, people that work 9 to 5, 9:00 a.m till 5:00 p.m., which doesn’t really exist that much anymore, ” … a blue collar family, they can’t understand this type of a life, building digital assets and doing stuff on the internet, so it’s better just to shut up.”

Well, you know what, Patty? You’re correct with that. Now, the only thing is you still have to be able to share it with somebody, otherwise you just can’t get it out. You can’t juice yourself. You can’t get around other people that are going to help uplift you like Ben just mentioned, so that’s why you need to talk about it to people at Digital Asset Academy.

Not just in texts, but make some friends in there. Get on the phone. Talk to each other, and then you also need to find people at the higher level so you can get up there. Now, whether you become friends with somebody at the higher level or you hire them, or you go to their events, like coming to our event or something like that, then that’s what you need to do, but you need to do it.

That’s why I hired my coaches and I joined the Platinum Partners, is because I wanted to get there fast. I couldn’t go to Tony and say, “Hey Tony, I think you’re great guy and I want to learn from you. Teach me for free,” because he has millions of people coming to him left and right.

He barely has time for his own family, so it’s not like he just has time to do that, so what did I do? I found an opening, which was paying him money that I could actually come, learn, and hang out with him and other people operating at a higher level, which is freaking awesome.

Now, the last thing I was going to bring up before we moved on to the open Q & A is making it easy to win, okay? This is not only in your life but in your business, in your health, in anything you do, you need to celebrate your successes.

Now, I know you’ve heard the whole “It’s better to attract bees with honey,” and stuff like that, but the truth is a lot of us, depending on how old you are, a lot of us grew up with the teachers … Some of you that are even older than us, older than 50, probably remember getting hit with a ruler like my mom did.

She used to get beat with a ruler at school when she did something that was perceived wrong, or something like that. For us, we really just got verbal abuse and we got that nasty, red pen marks all over. I was a D minus and F student, so I got it all the time. I was always in trouble.

Why would I do good in school if I was constantly being told what I was doing wrong every single day, all day long? Well, of course I had no desire to do better. The same thing goes in your life, is you can’t be so critical on yourself that you’re not celebrating every little success, whether it be a little or big.

It doesn’t matter. If you just made 10 grand signing a client, freaking celebrate that. If you just made $100 from a client, celebrate that. If you just sold a tee shirt online and made $10 profit, freaking celebrate that. You need to celebrate every single thing you do. Give yourself a virtual high-five, a real high-five, a pat on your back.

Get outside and scream what you did. Make a video, a testimonial. Do something. Get out there and do that. For me, some of the things I like to do, I like to buy myself stuff. I like stuff, so I go on Amazon, go on Amazon Prime and just buy some cool stuff I wanted. I don’t spend all my money, but if I made, let’s say $1000 then I might spend anywhere from 50 bucks to a hundred bucks. Sometimes I’ll spend a little bit more.

I’m not always spending all my money, but I’m always celebrating my successes. When you reach a certain point you can be like, “You know what? After I do this, you know, after I sign three clients I’m going to go out and lease a brand new BMW or brand new Mercedes,” or “I’m going to go on a trip. I’m going to take my wife …” or my husband, or my significant other, my loved one, my kid, my kids, my whole family …

“I’m going to take them to Hawaii. Or you know what? I’m not going to take them to Hawaii. I live in LA, so you know what? We’re going to rent a nice little house on the water in Laguna Beach, or Newport Beach, or somewhere else.” It could be in the same city. It doesn’t matter, or “I’m going to take my family out to this really high end movie theater,” or “I’m going to go get my nails done, or I’m going to get a massage.”

It can be anything, whatever you want to make it, but most the most important thing is that you celebrate it no matter how big or small it seems, because if you’re not, you’re constantly moving that goal line and you will never grow. You’ve got to be able to see that finish line, those small finish lines, which would be your little goals.

Once you reach that, you pass that little thin … “I’ve got one client. I’m going to go celebrate.” That’s what you’re doing is you’re reaching that … You’re making that goal line visible.

You just completed one of those things that you wanted to achieve, and now you’re going to celebrate it, which is going to allow you to grow because you’re going to feel inside your own body how you just rewarded yourself and how good that feels. That’s going to allow you to open up and get more, and more, and more, and more, and more. Anything you want to add to that one, Ben?

Ben:            That’s well said. Well said, man. Well said.

Dr. Dan:    Cool. That’s what I got for you. How to make 2017 freaking rock.

Ben:            Does that sound good, everybody? Is this all helpful stuff? Is this helpful stuff? We wanted to really make this as impactful as we could to kind of wind up … For some people this 2016 … We’re not going to miss it. Some people are not going to miss 2016 at all. Let’s bring on 2017 and let’s do it right. “Cool, awesome stuff.” “Awesome stuff, Dr. Dan,” is what they’re saying. “Good stuff.” “Sweet.” “Awesome.” You need to hear this. “Awesome.”

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Doc Dan & Ben Littlefield


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