LIVE is an Acronym!

RockStar Entrepreneurs don't own jobs! They don't trade time for dollars! In fact, they see TIME as the ultimate measure of wealth. See exactly how it goes beyond just generating income to succeed in doing what you want, when you want, and how you want. Discover the key to taking control and what it really means to L.I.V.E.

Live-biggerLIVE =





To LIVE Like a Rockstar Entrepreneur is all about controlling all aspects of your life. Whenever we see someone struggling in their business, it doesn't necessarily mean it is the business that is the problem. Take a long hard look at how you want to LIVE and ROCK ON!

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Ben Littlefield

Ben is the co-founder of The 2RockStars and a board member of JVZoo. He is a lifelong entrepreneur who dedicates his life's work to helping turn ordinary entrepreneurs into "time independent" Rockstar Entrepreneurs! Above all, Ben is a family man. More important than having achieved building multiple million dollar income streams, His family is his greatest accomplishment. Ben is more than a thrill seeker, he is a true business man, he just makes it look easy. Although he will tell you he works his ass off, he loves every minute of it and follows his passion. He is genuine, and a blast to be around. In his words: “Keep Rockin!”

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