How To Add Line Breaks on Instagram Posts

For those of you that like to create really long instagram posts… In this video Dr. Dan shows you how to add line breaks to Instagram posts.

This video covers adding instagram line spacing to post and also instagram line breaks android. We also cover instagram line spacing iphone and instagram line breaks not working. How to do instagram line break copy paste and more. Why you reading all of this? Just watch the video… haha


Hey fellow RockStars, Dr. Dan here. In this video I’m going to show you how to make a post on Instagram but have line breaks, because I see this quite often where people will write out these long posts on Instagram, which it wasn’t really developed for, but there’s nothing [00:00:30] wrong with it, especially if you’re sharing it to Facebook and stuff like that automatically, which saves some time, but you want to have those line breaks because people like myself and my wife who are very ADD, ADHD and all that good stuff. We have a really tough time reading those things. Here’s what you do, and I’ll give you an example real quick of what it looks like.

Here’s one of my good friends Guru Singh and teachers. You can see he always posts without these line breaks. [00:01:00] He’s always posting this really powerful stuff, but it’s really tough for myself and my wife to read, because the way our brain works and it just looks all mashed together. I’m going to show you how to prevent that. Now, on Facebook, you can just hit line break by hitting the return or whatever shows up when you’re creating a new post, that’s totally fine. That’s easy, right? But on Instagram, it doesn’t give you that option. As you can see right here, I’ve already started with an image, and as I type this out, there’s no line break at all. [00:01:30] That makes it a little tough. All I can do is backspace or hashtag. That’s why a lot of those people will do that. Here’s a quick little hack.

You can actually use any … Notepad or whatever you have on your phone. I’m sure, I think I have a notepad on here still. I use a different app, but I’ll just use regular Notes. Let’s see, you got Notepad … I use Supernote is actually what I normally use, so let’s go ahead and open that up and let’s go ahead [00:02:00] and do that. If you already typed out your text for whatever reason, but I’d recommend just typing it out here, and then doing your returns, typing it out and then from there. But sometimes I get it, sometimes if I do that then I might not actually post it and go back to it later, so it is kind of nice to just put it in there. Either way, paste, see, so I have that whole thing in here with no line breaks. Now, to me it’ll take a little longer to go through here and add some line breaks, right. [00:02:30] As you can see right here, I’m just going to do it this way. I’m not actually doing it exactly where they need to be, maybe I am, I don’t know, but I’m just doing this as a quick example. I’m throwing in some line breaks. Line break, line break. All right, well, now I’m getting a little bored. I know I’m not doing it in the perfect places now, right.

I’ve got a bunch of line breaks in there and I’m sure I probably should be adding more, [00:03:00] but we’ll just do it like this, right. Now I can select all, right. Select all … I’ll go back up here to the top and make sure I … woops. I can either do select all or I can just run it down like this as well. Either way, get it all, copy it, going to go back here into Instagram and I’m just going to paste it, just like that. I can hit okay, right, and now I can also share it to [00:03:30] Facebook. When I post this, it’s going to have all those line breaks in there, see. How cool is that? Instagram, if you’re listening, you should be adding the ability to do line breaks without having to do it this way anyways, but thought I’d share this because I’m seeing a lot of really long posts with no line breaks. That’s how you do it. Awesome.


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