For Realz…

I need to be frank with you about making $5k a month…


Hey Fellow Rockstar,


Dan here…


It wasn’t too long ago I thought making $5k a month was a TON of money.


I remember thinking: “If I could JUST get my little business to earn $5k/mo, I would never have to worry about money again…”


I think about those times now and chuckle to myself.


Not because I was so naive in thinking that $60k a year would solve all my money problems…


But because I used to think $5k a month was so out of reach!


I don’t know if you know this, but I ain’t some smart college boy…


I BARELY made it through elementary school.


In fact, I remember in 5th grade my teacher stood up in front of the class and announced we were going to have a “pop quiz”…


Then she said: “You’ll all be graded on a scale, from 100% all the way to Dan’s score.”


All eyes turned to me in the back of the classroom…I could hear my classmates…the girl I had a crush on…and even the TEACHER….all laughing at me.


My tiny body inched slowly into my desk, heart racing with shame and embarrassment.


For my entire life the whole world has told me that I gotta get a job, work 9-5…


…then work up the “corporate ladder”.


People laughed when I told them what was in my heart…


Even close friends and family.


Looking back it’s no wonder $5k always seemed so out of reach.


Maybe you can relate?


If you’ll forgive me for being up front with ya’….


$5k is not out of reach for you.


Now don’t misunderstand….


You WILL have to take some shots…


Yeah, you’ll miss a few…


Sure, you’ll probably trip and fall on the court…


But if you are focused and if you keep at it…


You’ll start to see some of those shots going in.


And once you do, you’ll think…


That was IT? That’s what I was afraid of?!


But you won’t get there overnight.


You have to run that first mile…


You’ll be sore…your legs will ache a little…


But once you hit a mile, 3 miles isn’t so bad…then 10…then 20.


So, will you run that first mile with me?


I’m not the best runner, but I’ve already done it a few times…I promise it’s not that hard ?


So lace up your favorite pair of running sneakers and listen up.


Here’s your 4 step plan for getting your first $5k check in 30 days using the Passive Income Ignytr.



STEP 1 – Picking The Perfect Niche



The Landlord Leasing Site Model is the easiest way WE know of for making a dependable income online.


The KEY to making the landlord system work is to pick the right keyword and niche to target.


Where MOST people get tripped up is picking the wrong niche, then giving up because they can’t find a business to rent the site from them.


Here are the Three Golden Rules to pick the perfect niche every time…


The niche:


  1. Must have an average customer value that’s higher than $5k…
  2. Must target a customer that has their “hair on fire”
  3. Must of ZERO (or almost zero) competition


Let me explain…


#1 – An average customer value that’s higher than $5k


Pick a niche where the average one time customer value is $5k or higher.


That means your renter only needs ONE new customer per year to make their money back if they rent the site from you.


TWO sales and they’ve already doubled their investment.


Here’s the thing….


Bringing a business ONE new client a year is NOT hard.


Quick Warning – Avoid niches were the average customer value is LOW.


We call them “Poodle Fluffers”.


Meaning, your renter has to fluff 100 poodles a month to see a return on their investment.


It’s much easier to get 1 new client a month for your renter than 100.


#2 – Target a customer that has their “hair on fire”


A “hair on fire” niche is one where the person searching for that service is in DESPERATE need to solve their CURRENT pain.


For example:


– ANYTHING with “emergency” in the title (emergency tooth extraction, emergency flood cleanup, emergency flood repair, emergency roof repair, emergency fence repair)…ANY of those keywords are easily worth $5k or more to a business in that niche.


– Anything where an emergency is IMPLIED (bankruptcy expert, basement flood water extraction, broken dental crown.) Even though they don’t type “emergency,”….they still have their hair on fire.


Just imagine the customer on their computer, with their hands shaking with anxiety because of their pain.


If you can see them doing that, it’s a “hair on fire” niche.


#3 – ZERO (or almost zero) competition


Zero competition means that that specific keyword has NO search results when you type it into Google with “quotes” around it.


For example:


“sewage cleanup services boston ma”


If you head over to Google and type in “sewage cleanup services boston ma” WITH quotes, you’ll see this:


No results found for “sewage cleanup services boston ma”


From our experience, you can probably get a first page listing in about 24 hours for a keyword with zero competition.


If you find 15 keywords that ALL have zero competition, you can easily get 10-15 first page rankings.


You might be asking…how do I know if those keywords are generating any TRAFFIC?


Ranking for 15 keywords doesn’t matter much if they don’t generate any traffic.


Here’s how to find out:


Head to and start typing in your keyword. You’ll see google suggest keywords as you type.


Try it…pop over to Google and type in:


sewage cleanup services


Don’t put any quotes around it…put exactly what you see above into Google.


You’ll see 4 suggestions pop up:


sewage clean up services

sewage cleaning services columbia sc

sewage clean up services boston ma

sewage clean up services mi


That means there are enough people online searching for these keywords that Google is saying:


“Hey, a lot of folks are searching for this…maybe this what you’re searching for?”


There are, 100%, without a doubt, people searching for this keyword.


And guess what?


Not only does sewer clean up cost anywhere from $2k-$10k (fitting right in with the rule for Step 1)….


“” is available right now to buy for about $10.88 on


But I’m not sure for how much longer! I’m sure someone will snag that up quick ?


If it’s gone, don’t worry. There are thousands more keywords ripe for the pickin’ JUST like that one.


With me so far?


Side Note: These aren’t the ONLY niches that will work. We’ve had lots of success in the medical field, manufacturing, etc. But this is the FASTEST and most SURE-FIRE way to get your first $5k in 30 days.


Now, let’s get your digital asset up.


===== =

STEP #2 – Creating Your Digital Asset

===== =


Now that you have your keyword and domain purchased, it’s time to build your digital asset.


I’m not going to go into all the details of how to setup your asset.


Not because it’s a big secret or anything…


But because it’s such a pain the arse to build one!


You have to purchase hosting, setup wordpress on the Cpanel, upload wordpress, buy or use a free template, setup the template, create the Google schemas, upload all the content, then make sure you have all the right plugins installed and make sure that the plugins don’t interfere with each other….


Then you’ll have to monitor the site every few months to make sure it hasn’t been hacked into, or that monthly WordPress updates haven’t messed up the site.


Most folks trying to get started don’t have time to learn how to do all that.


It’s a huge obstacle for most, especially if you’re like me…a little technology challenged ?


That’s why we built the Passive Income Igntyr.


What used to take 6-8 hours for regular folks to do, now takes only a 15-20 minutes…


There’s no technical skills needed.


If you can use Microsoft Word, you can build a digital asset in about as much time as it takes for you to get ready for bed.


And you’ll see rankings in as little as a few days.


Now that you have a site created, it’s getting traffic (and hopefully some leads),


It’s time to find your first renter.


Don’t worry…this is a lot easier then you think.



STEP #3 – Finding Your First Renter



Here are the two easiest ways we’ve found to find a renter for your new digital asset:


#1 – Digging For Gold In Your Own Backyard

Make a list of all your friends, family, relatives and people you do business with on a regular basis. Chances are one of them runs or owns a business that fits the three rules above for the perfect niche.


Then give ‘em a call and see what they’re up to!


I call this: digging for gold in your own backyard.


Here’s the thing…don’t sell ‘em anything…just call ‘em up and say Hi.


Eventually the conversation will come around to what you’re doing these days.


When that topic comes up (and it usually always does), tell them that you help local businesses solve the problem of not having enough leads coming in each month.


If they have that problem, they’ll ask you more about it.


It’s MUCH easier to sell a digital asset to someone you already know.


#2 – The Honey Approach


This is my FAVORITE way of finding renters.


This one strategy ALONE has made me over a million dollars in the past few years.


I call it the: “Honey Approach”.


Here’s how it works:


First I build an asset, get it ranked and wait until it starts generating a few calls or leads.


Then, I reach out to businesses in that area with an email like this:


—- –

Subj: are you accepting new customers?


Hey Joe,


I get about 2-3 leads a month of folks that need sewage clean up in Boston, but I don’t have anywhere to send them…


I’ve reached out to a few of your competitors, but I’m only interested in sending these leads to one business.


Not sure if you need any more customers right now, but if so, would you be interested in taking these leads off my hands?




— – –


Now here’s the thing…


Most businesses won’t respond to the first email.


You’ll have to send out 2-3 before you get a response.


(The Passive Income Ignytr does this automatically, all you have to do is pop the email addresses into the system and it send out emails automatically over a period of a few weeks.)


And if you don’t have any prospects yet…you’ll get access to the Local Lead Rocker tool that will spit out the contact info of local businesses who are ALREADY spending money on ads.


Then all you need to do is toss ‘em into the Passive Income Ignytr and let it follow up with all these leads automatically.


Here’s the BEST thing about this strategy…


You aren’t trying to SELL anything.


You are going to give this business a month of FREE leads.


No questions asked.


You are giving them IMMENSE value…


And then once they see the value…it’s on to the next step of trading their cash for access to your valuable digital asset.


And that’s much easier to do when you’ve ALREADY shown value.


You’re not selling the PROMISE of results, you’re selling ACTUAL results.


Exciting, right?


If you follow that 4 step plan EXACTLY, you’ll see your first $5k in 30 days.


That’s not to say you won’t hit a few snags or see a few kinks along the way.


If you do you can always jump into the Digital Asset Academy and chat with folks that have already seen those same kinks…


They’ll run in from the sidelines and help you get “un-kinked”…


…and back on track towards that first $5k.


We’ve found that once you get that first sale…


Your confidence SKYROCKETS.


And getting that next $5k sale gets easier and easier.


We get PMs all the time of folks who say that their first $5k sale was the turning point in their lives.


It’s when they finally realized that what they’ve been TELLING themselves is a lie…


They were BORN to be successful.


Ben and I would be so thrilled to have you join our team so we can help you get to that first sale of $5k.


Get started earning your first check here:


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Just as a reminder, you’ll get access to the Passive Income Ignytr and the Digital Asset Academy…


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I don’t want to be an unfair coach…


….but as much as I’d love to offer this special bundle to all our readers….


We can only let a small handful join our “Landlord Site Leasing” Dream Team…


So we’re limiting this special offer to the first 200 folks.


After 200, we have to remove the special bundle.


We want to make sure each student gets the time and attention they need to get that first check in their hands….


So what do you say?


You ready to get started?


===> Yes! I’m ready to get my first check for $5k




Be a RockStar In Your Business, & In Your Life!

Doc “gettin real” Dan

and Ben “get rockin” Littlefield


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