“Findology” – 10 rules for getting anything found on page 1.

Want your content and money sites to rank and stick? Without doing shady stuff?

Here is a simple  checklist & anatomy of a page!

(Use this for Anything you want to get found on page 1)

Follow this check list…

1. Start with picking your top 5 keywords

Be focused and get inside the heads of your ideal audience. Think in terms of intent. There’s a huge difference between a person searching for “how to get in shape” with “where to hire a personal trainer.” One is research oriented. The other is action and intent oriented. Understanding this will make the difference between attracting winnable targeted traffic and attracting frustration.

2. Outsmart the competition!

Pick keywords with less than 5 “exact match” competition (the lower the better). Learn more about this in our free special training. We will show you why this is the MOST important ingredient and how to guarantee FAST top ranking results that stick!

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3. Keep it clean. Keep it simple!

Pick one main keyword for 1 page/post on the site. Simple.

4. Title-ology

Use main keyword for page as title.

5. H1-ology.

Use main keyword for page in at least 2 headings (h1 tags).

6. 3 times is a charm!

Use main keyword at least 3 times in paragraph content (written exactly as your keyword). Spread it out. Need good SEO content? Don’t wanna wait or stare at a blank screen? Use WordSparker.

7. Spread the love!

Use secondary (other 4 keywords) at least once each throughout content.

8. Spread it thick!

Aim for at least 500 words of content (can be curated)

9. Image-ology

Use one image per 150-200 words. This makes it easier on the eyes.

10. Image Optimization

Name image file names with your keyword(s) – also use keywords in alt text/meta titles of images.

If you check all 10 of these every time, you’ll be in great shape!


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