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FIRST page rankings and a high paying clients WITHOUT having special skills?


Hey Fellow RockStars! 


Doc Dan here…


As promised, I have two rockin' case studies to share with you of folks who had NO fancy SEO experience or years of online marketing training…


…who OUT-RANKED and OUT-PERFORMED BIG marketing agencies with YEARS of experience. 


Now, we’ve been doing this for years….


But it always gets us excited to see newbies without any fancy marketing training get BETTER results than big marketing agencies with years of experience. 


First, let me introduce you to Norene. 


Norene is in her early 60’s, and has been out of corporate America for more than 6 years. 


She’s quietly making a good living in Pittsburgh, leasing digital assets to local businesses. 


Recently she met with a business owner who was a little skeptical of what she said she could do…


She offered to rank a video for FREE (using the “Honey Approach” which you’ll learn in the Digital Asset Academy) to build some trust and get her foot in the door. 


Using the “Rank and Bank Video Formula” (which you’ll ALSO get access to in the special Igntyr bundle)…


She got first page rankings in a few HOURS (not days or weeks) for DOZENS of search phrases. 


I’ll let her take it from here: 


“His response? ‘WOW. Do you have magical powers or what?’ 


He showed the results to his tech guy who apparently has been charging him A LOT and has been doing nothing…. and the tech guy said:


‘How the hell did she do that?'


And he (the business owner responded),


‘You tell me. I thought that’s what I was paying YOU to do.” 


Guess who has a new client?”


Is that AWESOME or what??


Norene approaches businesses who are already spending money on marketing and offers to do a FREE video for them…


Then gets it ranked to build IMMEDIATE trust and show heaps of value.


Norene doesn’t have to FIGHT for clients or go through awkward and weird sales conversations.


Plus, her clients pay her every month for just a few minutes of actual work.


(When you get into the Academy, give her a shout! She’d be happy to talk more about what she did and show you how to do the same.)


The BEST part is that she didn’t even have to create the video herself. 


She has someone else do it for about $20 bucks. 


(You’ll learn exactly how to get gorgeous, professional videos produced just like hers in the Digital Asset Academy.) 


Norene isn’t some tech savvy, video marketing, SEO genius…


She’s just got the blueprint we give to all our Digital Asset Academy students, and she follows the steps. 


Lots of our students get these SAME results in just a few days after joining. 


Pretty cool, right? 


Still not completely convinced anyone can get first page rankings without any special skills or complex strategies? 


Meet Sidney. 


Sidney started in the Digital Asset Academy a few months ago. 


Like many of our students, she also had doubts that she could get lots of first page rankings without having to learn a special set of new skills. 


She decided to help her college roommate (a lawyer) get a new website up and get some rankings. 


She did it for FREE too…this was her FIRST site ever, and didn’t want to charge just in case it didn’t work out.


Her roommate’s husband is ALSO a lawyer, but already had a website and a fancy marketing agency backing him up (his firm was one of the most respected in the area.)


After building a new web property for her, in a few days the new website was ranking for 75 VALUABLE keywords…


Not only that…


This BRAND new site outranked her husband’s website for more than HALF of those keywords. 


She told us: 


“I’m simply GIDDY with power! Mwaa haa haaaa.”


These examples aren’t the EXCEPTION…


This happens to ALL of our students that follow the blueprint we’ve laid out. 


Within 7 days, most students already have their site up, ranking for some valuable keywords, and generating quality leads. 


It’s not hard to provide value to a potential client when you ALREADY have results to show them…


It really IS like “magic”. 


We got a lot of little goodies waiting for you inside, 



– The Magic Ranking Blueprint (the same blueprint Sidney and Norene used to get first page rankings without any special skills) 

– Rank and Bank Video formula (the same formula Norene used to get a video ranked and land a high paying client) 

– The Complete G-Luv formula 2016 (more strategies that will get your brand new website and videos ranked in just a few days…even as little as few hours.)

– Local Lead Rocker Tool – Spits out the names and emails of fresh, hot leads…businesses that will pay you $5k and more for access to your web properties

– Special Coaching Workshop – A private small group workshop to help get you to your first $5k in 30 days. 


That’s just a small sliver of what we have waiting for you inside the Digital Asset Academy. 


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After tomorrow, we’ll have to take them down. 


You’ll still be able to get access to the entire special bundle, but the 2 additional payment options will be be removed. 


PLEASE no angry emails if you miss the deadline and those payment options are gone…


I have to be a loving but tough coach and enforce that deadline! 


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Rock On! 

Ben and Doc Dan


P.S. When you get into the Digital Asset Academy, make sure to introduce yourself and give a shout out! Ben and I will be there waiting for you
















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