Igntyr Special ENDS in TWO HOURS



That’s TONIGHT at 11PM.


Hey RockStar!


Ben here…


Writing this in a hurry because there’s less than two hours to get your hands on the Passive Inc0me Ignytr bundle.


(our first goal is to get you your first 5k in 30 days)


…ONLY for the next two hours…


=== > Let me in before the door closes


After 11PM tonight, I’ve got to pull it down because Doc Dan and I want to have enough one on one time with each new student to make sure they get to their first 5k as soon as possible.


Hope you understand?


Let’s you and I huddle up for second…


I know Doc Dan and I have been talking big numbers and profits from the Ignytr system.


Country gals getting first page rankings with NO SEO or fancy marketing experience…


Folks retired from the workforce, a few with a coupla’ grandkids, consistently seeing checks for $5k every month…


But can we take it back a bit?


Our first goal for you is NOT to crank out $50k your first month.




That’s too big to start with.


We’re gonna put you on a bike with some training wheels first.


Our first goal is to get you your first check of $5k in 30 days.




We’ll get you a few more checks for $5k so you’re making a consistent $5,000 each month.


Once you’re comfortable with that…


We’ll take the training wheels off, but we’ll still run alongside you and help you keep your balance.


That can EASILY look like $7k a month in passive, stress-free income.


Look, I know there’s a lot of “junk” out there…


Lots of courses and classes that promise 7 figures a year while you sit at home in your PJs and work an hour a day…


…and NEVER have to talk to another human being.


If that’s what you’re looking for you, I gotta be honest, this isn’t gonna work for you.


This is the easiest, most stress and worry-free passive income model that we’ve found…


But you still gotta Hustle!


And while you COULD do this all by your lonesome…


(Before the Passive Income Ignytr we built our web properties by hand, WITHOUT any software to help us……uphill BOTH ways!)


And the trainings and courses and swipe files in the Academy will give you a HUGE jumpstart,


and shave months or even YEARS off your learning curve…


But the REAL value…


What you should be MOST excited about…


Is that you’ll have direct access to Doc Dan and I, for the next YEAR…


Just tag one of us the in the Academy and you will be, bypassing the normal support desk.


(I have family members who don’t even get that kind of direct access to me LOL!)


No matter what question or step you’re stuck on, Doc Dan and I will be right there to help.


Here’s the deal…


You’ll ALWAYS be able to get Ignytr.


It’s not going anywhere, and neither are we.


You can pick it up at any time for the normal price of $299/mo.


Which is STILL a great deal, considering that just ONE client at $500/mo. will pay for the price of the software.


The REAL value is in the guidance, help and support you’ll get from being able to chat with Ben and I whenever you need to.


I hope you see how important this is to your success?


We’ve seen courses from other internet marketing folks go for $2k, $5k and even $10k… where you don’t get a LICK of support.


That might work for some…


Folks who don’t mind stumbling around for a while until they finally figure it out…


I can speak from experience because that’s EXACTLY what I did, and it took me 15 years to get to where I am now!


Maybe you can’t wait that long?


There are only 2 hours left to get access to Ignytr, one on one support from Doc Dan and I and dozens of other folks, and over $10,000 in bonuses and tools.


Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself?


Does that sound good?


=== > Yes, I’m in! 


If you’ve been on the fence about getting the Passive Income Ignytr bundle…


I get it.


There’s a lot of people making big promises with their greedy claws out.


You pay.


Then you’re let down.


Because half the puzzle pieces are missing.


That’s why Doc Dan and I have put together this special package for you.


You’ll be able to create valuable web properties in a few minutes with Ignytr…


Step-by-step trainings will show you how to do everything from create your first web property to getting your first check…


And if there’s anything you can’t quite figure out, or any questions you have, Doc Dan and I will be right there in the Academy to help.


You’ll finally have every piece to the puzzle.


Imagine the weight that will be lifted off your shoulders when you get into the Academy and realize you REALLY have access to Doc Dan, me and dozens of other folks who will help you every step of the way…


You’ll be part of a team that will help you when you stumble…


Pick you up when you fall…


And cheer from the sidelines as you take your first shots…and score!


Bringing in checks of $5k and more.


I know testimonials are “nice” and all, but…


In short…


You want to know if it will WORK FOR YOU?


I’m glad you just don’t take my word for it.


I realize I could write you a document as long as the Obama Care Bill and I couldn’t convince you with words alone.


So, may I make a bold suggestion?


Do NOT decide now.


You can get 100% complete access to all of the Ignytr systems, Digital Asset Academy, sales trainings, ranking trainings…over $1O,OOO in bonuses.


And Ben and my personal help…


Just give it an honest to goodness try.


Once you get in to the Academy, send us a quick ping and let us know you’re in…


Then jump into the trainings…should take you about a day to get through all of them.


(Make sure to take good notes!)


Then, after you spend about an hour getting your first Ignytr setup…


Ben and I will spend as much time as we need to to get your first check for $5k.


Our personal goal is to get you to at LEAST double your investment in the next 30 days.


We typically charge $1000/hr for one-on-one help like you’ll get.


And you’ll get access to our one-on-one help for an entire YEAR (that ALONE is worth $10,000 or more.)


Fair enough?


$5k pr0fit is kind of our first milestone and it won’t take us long to get there.


Whatya say?


===  > Yes, on that basis I’m in.


Rock On!

Ben Littlefield and Doc Dan


P.S. You won’t be in this alone, you’ll be joining me (Doc Dan), Ben and the rest of the 6-Figure Dream Team

With our step-by-step system and lots of folks to help you, people have said it’s almost HARD to fail.


Take us up on our one-on-one $5k in 30 days offer and see for yourself…


=== > Yes! I’m giving you a try.


P.P.S. The 75% Off Passive Income Ignytr & Digital Asset Academy Special Bundle ends in TWO hours, tonight at 11PM!
























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