6 Figure Dream Team?

Many won’t get a spot on this 6 figure dream team…

Even If you’re NOT great at selling or tech, but still want 6 figures…

you need to see this… 


It’s BRUTAL out there…



One of my favorite sports movies is “Miracle.”


It’s a story about the US hockey team playing the ruthless, undefeated Soviets in the 1980s Olympics.


The US players were the ULTIMATE underdogs…they WEREN’T supposed to have made it that far in the Olympics.


But against all odds, they worked their way to this final game against the Soviet team…the BEST hockey team in the world.



Before the game, Coach Brooks (played by Kurt Russell) comes into the locker room and delivers one of the best pre-game speeches of all time. 


Here’s my favorite line from that speech: 


“You were born to be hockey players, EVERY one a ya. And you were MEANT to be here tonight. This is YOUR time!” 


Every time I hear that speech I get goosebumps…I even start to get choked up a little bit…


Now, I’m not gonna tell you what happens in “Miracle”…I don’t wanna spoil it for you…


This movie teaches a great lesson for those of us trying to make a dependable income online.


It’s the one thing most folks who struggle to make money online miss…


A team is made up of a bunch of talented folks, all working together for one common goal…


Every player has a specific role, unique talents and special skills that they contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team.


If you’ve ever played on a team you know what I’m talking about.


Here’s the thing…


NO professional team sports game was won by a single player. 


Even the best athletes of ALL TIME had a team backing them up…


WINNING happens because a combination of people with unique skills and talents work together and complement each other. 


It would be flat out silly to imagine Kobe Bryant playing a full court game against the entire Chicago Bulls team…


But so often in business, we play as a one-player team… 


Playing offense, defense and goalie all at once. 


No wonder so many entrepreneurs get burned out, exhausted and frustrated! 


Have ya’ ever felt like this?


All of the most successful folks we know have something in common… 


They ALL have a “team” of talented people they can turn to when they need help…


…whether it’s a mentor, coach, mastermind group or community. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have continue playing on a one-player team? 


Imagine reaching out to a group of people who are all doing the same thing as you…


Regular folks who started from scratch and now see checks for $5k, $10k and $15k a month…


Imagine NOT having to figure out everything by yourself…


And getting one-on-one help from folks who’ve been EXACTLY where you are now. 


That’s why Ben and I created the Digital Asset Academy.


It’s a group of folks who are ALL laser focused on creating valuable assets and renting them for $5k or more to hungry business owners. 


Many of them are knocking down 6 figures a year using the Landlord Model. 


If there’s something you’re struggling with, they’ve probably already had the same struggle, and have overcome it…and they’ll sit down with you and walk you through it. 


And when you join the DAA (Digital Asset Accademy)….


When someone gets stuck, we all jump in and help. 


When someone falls down, we run over to them and pick them up. 


When someone scores, we RUSH the court, lift them up on our shoulders and yell at the top of our lungs. 


You can almost hear the deafening screams of the crowd…




There’s nothing like it.


Our students have said over and over how important it is to have this kind of support when starting to build a consistent dependable income.


You COULD do it all yourself. 


But it’ll take you a lot longer…YEARS for some. 


It took me 15 years of starting multiple businesses, failing more times than I can count before I FINALLY hit my income goals and started living the life I wanted. 


As a member of the DAA, you’ll leap ahead years…even DECADES of frustration, wasted time and energy. 




You’ll get access to some incredibly talented folks who’ll compliment areas you may not feel confident in. 


If you’re not super technical, fellow DAA member Brian will build a complete 5 page web property for you and help you get rankings for valuable in-demand keywords in just a few days.


If you’re not super great at selling, no problem… 


Rockstar Ben is a MASTER salesman, and will show you the tricks and strategies to get businesses to say YES and hand over checks of $5k or more…


In the “$10k in 10 Days” Case Study, you’ll watch over his shoulder as he shows you step by step how he turned a $10.88 domain into a check for $10,000 in 10 days. (He doesn’t hold ANYTHING back in this training). 


Sound good? 


With access to this community of Landlord site leasing experts, you can leap ahead and start scoring some MAJOR points…depositing some nice sized checks into your bank account…in as little as 30 days (or sooner). 


The Digital Asset Academy and the Passive Income Ignytr compliment each other perfectly. 


You’ll get the BEST quality piece of sports equipment we know of, and you’ll join the friendliest, most encouraging and helpful team in the entrepreneurial world. 


I DO need to give you a quick warning though…


As a member of the team, you have to take some “shots.”


You gotta practice, learn some new skills…(they’re not HARD skills, and we’ll help you get ‘em) 


We can’t take those shots for you. 


But when you DO take ‘em, we’ll be right there to help you score. 


Ready to get to your first $5K? 


Get started on your first check here:


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Here’s the thing though, we can only accept a small handful of folks into the Academy…


We want to give everyone the attention they need to get them to their first sale of $5k. 


So we’re limiting membership to the DAA and access to the Passive Income Ignytr to the first 200 fast-movers. 


Get all the Details and Join Our Team


Hope to see you there ☺




Ben and Doc Dan



P.S. PLEASE no angry emails if you get to the page and it says “Sold Out”. I will enforce the 200 limit.      


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