I’m a little concerned about you…

Ben here…

I’m in a rush and a bit emotional as I write this to you.

I’m afraid you’ve decided not to get the Passive Income Ignytr and Digital Asset Academy Special Bundle.

Let’s face it, $997 may seem like a lot to swing.

Today, more than ever we need to be careful with our money.

I watch over my money like a momma duck watches over her ducklings…

Here’s why I’m a bit emotional though…

And I hope you’ll hear my out?

It’s rare a day goes by that I don’t get FB message or note about how the Passive Income Ignytr is changing lives:


“I can’t stress enough how important Ignytr is to your success! This thing rocks! I have hundreds of 1st page rankings and get my clients targeted traffic for a fraction of that cost.”


“It’s not often you can find something online that earns an income that’s better than any job. I have been earning a living online for 13 years. Most of what’s out there for earning online is not worth your time.”


“22 phone calls, 10 emails, 3 days. Lead sold, relationship with pool builder made. Nice :). This $5,600 check ain’t bad either ? “


“(Ignytr) has boosted my confidence…but more importantly, has helped clients see some new business coming in.”


“I am right on page 1 for words were there are hundred and 17 million competing sites.


First time and I’ve taken all 10 spots! Boom! “


“I just spent over two hours finding over 100 page one listings for these pages… Holy crap… for lots of those I have multiple listings for some I had as many as six positions and this is for one site with five content pages.”

I could go on and on…

But here’s what I desperately want to get across to you.

What if they had not decided to make that initial investment with us?

What would NOT investing have cost them?

What would it have cost their families?

What would it have cost them in precious time?

You see…

Our BIGGEST expense in life is not so much what we spend, but our biggest expense is the money we COULD be making, but we’re not.

Are you getting a sense of that?

I know we have been throwing around some pretty rockin’ numbers.

It’s because we’ve been around the block so many times, I know $10k and $15k a month is doable with the Passive Income Igntyr.

And scaling it up is even more totally possible when you approach the plan we’ve laid out for you systematically with proven processes.

But let’s ditch those numbers for a moment.

Forget the big numbers.

My first goal is to get your first $5k in 30 days.

Then another $5k…and another…

And if my math is right?

$5k a month is $6O,OOO a year.


$5k a month may not be a lot by some people’s standards.

But that’s also $6Ok a year which is YOURS.

Don’t know what you might do with it?

Could you become completely debt free?

Could you pay for a son or daughter’s college? (Well, maybe a couple days of college LOL!)

Could you put a down payment on a new house? (Nothing super fancy…)

Could be a nice little boost to your retirement savings?

Here’s why my Tommy Hill boxers are in a bunch.


If you do nothing, sure you might “save” $997, but at what cost?

Do you want to give up $6O,OOO a year?

Maybe more? Maybe A LOT more.

I’m saying this from the heart, I hope it’s coming across that way.

I just KNOW because we have seen it over and over what a good person with a little commitment can do when they put our systems to use.

Even if you don’t have any experience building websites or doing SEO…

I’ve got proof out the wazoo of folks with NO marketing background and NO technical skills getting first page rankings and making a stress-free, dependable PASSIVE inc0me.


I know testimonials are “nice” and all, but…

In short…

You want to know if it will WORK FOR YOU?

I’m glad you just don’t take my word for it.

I realize I could write you a document as long as the Obama Care Bill and I couldn’t convince you with words alone.

So, may I make a bold suggestion?

Do NOT decide now.

You can get 100% complete access to all of the Ignytr systems, Digital Asset Academy, sales trainings, ranking trainings…over $1O,OOO in bonuses.

And our (Ben and Doc Dan) personal help…

Just give it an honest to goodness try.

Once you get in to the Academy, send us a quick ping inside and let us know you’re in…

Then jump into the trainings…should take you about a day to get through all of them.

(Make sure to take good notes!)

Then, after you spend about an hour getting your first Ignytr setup…

We will spend as much time as we need to, to get your first check for $5k.

Our personal goal is to get you to at LEAST double your investment in the next 60 days.

We typically charge more than $1,000 per hour for one-on-one help.

But you’ll get access to our personal help for an entire YEAR in the Academy (that ALONE is worth $10,000 or more.)

Fair enough?


Whatya say?

===  > Yes, on that basis I’m in.

Be a RockStar In your Life,
& Make The World Your Stage!

Doc Dan & Ben Littlefield


P.S. You won’t be in this alone, you’ll be joining us (Ben and Doc Dan),  and the rest of the 6-Figure Dream Team With our step-by-step system and lots of folks to help you, people have said it’s almost HARD to fail.

Take us up on this and get access to the “5 in 5” coaching workshop for nada… Yep, get the exact formula to go from $0 to $5k in 5 days and experience it for yourself.


=== > Yes! I’m giving you a try.


P.P.S. The 70% Off Passive Income “Rank and Rent Ignytr” & Digital Asset Academy Special Bundle ends TONIGHT at 11PM!

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