Burn The Ships and Get Unstuck

Do you have something holding you back?
What I'm about to say will be hard. But if you do it, you will thank me…

By taking your first steps, You have landed on the shore of your destination. There is only one way to fully harvest its fruits…

Burn the ships behind you!

One problem at a time.

You solved the problem of getting some form of results (top rankings, new opportunities uncovered, etc)…
Now get paid.

Cash flow solves all (well – most) problems.


You must first burn the ships. Leave no out.

Quick History Lesson…
This concept commonly originates from Hernan Cortes, one of the most famous Spanish conquistadores.

Cortes knew his men were frightened of Montezuma and the Aztecs. The only way he knew he could squash the desire to retreat to safety was – after they landed, he ordered all ships burnt.
There was no returning without victory…

For more on Cortes' Conquest, Read This…

Another Brief History Lesson…
Genghis Kahn (1162-1227), the notorious conquerer and 聽ruler was known for leaving few options to his troops – other than victory (or death).

Kahn would pick battle fields where his troops would have their back to a mountain or ocean.


Because when retreat was no option, he knew each of his men would fight with the ferocity of 10. And when there was no geographic obstacle, he'd set a massive fire on the battlefield behind his troops…

What does all this mean to you?

How does any of this apply to you?
In your life and in your business, if you're like many people, you probably give yourself plenty of safety nets.

Today, in your endeavors, This probably looks like the following things you tell yourself:

  • I will make that call after I organize my desk
  • I need to get my website updated (or built) before I go meet with anyone
  • I really need to order a new business card before I talk to anyone
  • I should get a better logo before trying to sell anything
  • Maybe I will just settle for less rather than taking a risk

Stop this nonsense!

You know what you want.

Stop settling. Stop making excuses!

Your life (and happiness) depend on it!

Burn the damn ships already!

Now, Go get it. And go get paid!



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