Ben (Personal)

It was Friday morning – 7:15AM when my entire world was completely shattered!

It was at this moment, I had to wake the hell up!

I was getting ready for the day.

I opened up the laptop and there it was…

An email left open by my WIFE – right there.

The subject: “Can You Sneak Away Again?”

The Sender: My WIFE’s boss.


And without going into every sordid detail – it was a bad day for me!

It really sucked!


In a split-second, everything I knew was over. My marriage was over!

The spectrum of emotions ranged from hurt, sorrow, anger, and more…


At this very moment, I was experiencing the worst moment of my entire LIFE.

I had no idea at the time that this was also the best moment of my LIFE…

Beyond filing for a swIFt divorce, what I did next may surprise you…

I realized that I had grown numb and unhappy long before that moment.

I didn’t like my work. I didn’t enjoy what I was doing.

I was stuck in a rat race of simply accumulating stuff.

And none of it mattered.

I was missing the important part of my LIFE…

Living it!

This was my wake-up call.


I sold many of my possessions, bought a backpack, and got a  ticket to the other side of the world.

New Zealand…

I planned on staying for about 2-months. That’s about all the money I had until I’d be broke.

It was LIFE-changing.

I quickly realized that I wanted to stay. I wanted to stay for a long time. But I needed the income to do it. And I had little time to manage anything. I mean, between bungee jumping, sky diving, and white water rafting, who has time for “work?”

(Don’t judge me – I was going through a healing process) 😉

That’s when it hit me. I didn’t need to run my business the way I had done it before. I could transition into a simpler model. A digital delivery model. A real estate like model. Where all I had to do was set up some basic things in my down time (about 2 hours per day).

And yes! I figured it out and made it work!

I stuck around for almost a whole year…

Even more important!

I knew what I wanted…

  • I wanted freedom.
  • Freedom to do what I want – when I want – and with whom I want.
  • I knew I wanted a loving relationship and a family.
  • I knew that I wanted to never worry about money.
  • I knew I never wanted to choose between living my LIFE and making a living!

And, in case you didn’t know…

I met – and married – the REAL woman of my dreams and we have 2 amazing boys together.

And… We have the freedom to live the LIFE of our choosing!

Now let’s Go back in time to the early part of this quest. In this initial stage, which I call my “awakening,” the journey led me to meeting Doc Dan. He was on a parallel path.

(See Doc Dan’s Personal Story Here)

And It was the beginning of my biggest business discovery.


What is this discovery?

  • You have the pure power to create wealth from nothing.
  • You can create value from an idea.
  • And You can create a very passive (and lucrative) business that supports the LIFEstyle You want.

Are you with me?

Would it help you to have more passive income in your LIFE?

Would you like to Feed $10.88 into THIS machine and it spits out $5k over and over?

It is not hard to make this a reality, but you need to cut through the nonsense to make it easy!


You ever tried watering a lawn with a trickling hose?

It’s a huge pain in the arse.


You gotta press your thumb over that cold metal opening and move it around juuuuusstttt right until you’ve FINALLY got a thin, small stream of water.

Then you have to slosh around the entire lawn, getting your shoes all wet, trying to water your entire lawn wth tiny stream of water.

Not to mention all the funny looks your neighbors will give you ?

It’s a lot of effort, for such little return.

Usually, the trickling is caused by a few things…

  • You might have a kink in the hose…
  • There might be a leak somewhere…
  • The hose isn’t screwed on all the way…
  • or maybe it’s just terrible water pressure.
  • It’s not that you aren’t WORKING hard, it’s just that there are all these outside factors that are preventing you from a steady, consistent flow.

Income flow is the same way…

There’s lots of ways to make money online, but a LOT of them depend on outside factors…

Factors that are our of your control, kinking up your “income hose”.

For example…

  • SEO – Google makes ONE change, and all your goes down the toilet. You’re at the mercy of the dozens of updates Google releases every year.
  • ADWORDS – Much LESS risk, but it takes MONTHS and $1000’s before you can see any profit, and that’s IF you have a good niche and clients ended up paying…not to mention the landing pages, follow up emails, funnels and sales pages that need to be built. SO many things have to line up just perfectly to make it work.
  • AMAZON – You’re at the mercy of the manufacturer, hoping they create a good quality product…then you end up paying hefty Amazon commissions, FBA storage fees…not to mention that initial inventory cost and risk… you might end up with thousands of unsold “Christmas presents” sitting in your garage. That’s a lot of risk…for a big “maybe” of consistent passive income.


Don’t get me wrong, you CAN see some income start to trickle in and maybe even flow using these methods…

But it’s like watering a lawn with a trickling hose.


Here’s The Reality…

Once you remove all those kinks, fix those leaks, and increase the water pressure…

You can turn that trickling into a GUSHING flood.

Once you have a hose that’s gushing, all you gotta do is rest your thumb on the hose, and the water STREAMS out.

It’s much less work with a lot more results.

Make Sense?

We are proud to have helped a lot of folks who used to STRUGGLE to make a consistent, dependable income online.

The people we work with who no longer struggle will agree…

  • Folks who still struggle – work hard! They’re not lazy and they don’t lack drive…
  • It’s just that their “income hose” has a bunch of kinks and leaks…
  • It is STOPPING them from turning a few sales into a MASSIVE flood of passive income.


Why water your lawn with a trickling hose IF you don’t have to?

Well, now you can chillax…

Because after years of trying dIFferent things, we (intentionally) stumbled into one of the EASIEST ways to eliminate almost every outside factor that’s holding you back, and crank your income hose WIDE open, releasing a FLOOD of dependable, consistent passive income and then we’ll put in automatic drive with you!

Our system removes all the kinks, fixes all the leaks and turns up that water pressure.

All you need to do is set it, turn it on and do a little monitoring.

Would you be up for that?

Let me explain…

Most local businesses need exposure — they want MORE visibility. They want more people to see their business and to get their message in front of folks who are ready to buy.

Because more exposure leads to more sales…

More sales leads to more profit…

And what business isn’t frothing at the mouth for more exposure and profit?

I discovered that IF I build a website (I prefer to call it a digital asset) in a certain way

…using the right keywords

…and putting the right codes in…

I could create a valuable web property that businesses would pay $500-$1000+ per month for, for only a few hours of actual “work”.

$500 to $1000+ per month!

Or, we encourage our students to sell it a YEAR upfont…

For $5k-$10k+

and they GET IT too!

Imagine standing in line at the bank with a $5,000+ check in your hands

…and knowing that you’ll get another one when the year is over.

Money Talks!

So, at this point, you might be wondering how much you’ll have to do to keep these checks flowing in?

Good question!

You see…

I ALSO discovered that no matter what changes Google made to their algorithms, or what newfangled update came out

…these websites not only didn’t go DOWN in rankings, many of them went UP.


With me?

In fact, many of the sites we and our students built are still ranking on the first page of Google YEARS later, without having to touch them!

And businesses are STILL paying to rent those sites because they give exposure, and generate leads

….they’re STILL providing massive value.


we ain’t scared of a google update!


We have taken all those years of testing and we’ve perfected the system to the point that we can have valuable web properties up in just 24 hours.

I know 24 hours sounds really fast, but IF you knew how much testing and work we did to figure this out, you’d start to understand just how big of a breakthrough this is.

  • Nobody ever thought they could put man on the moon, but now space travel seems so commonplace.
  • Nobody ever thought you could put 1000 songs in your pocket and then they invented the iPod…and now you’ve got access to a million songs.
  • Nobody ever thought you could rank in 24 hours…over and over again, but we’ve made the breakthrough.

And now…

…we have the power to buy a domain name and turn it into something so valuable, businesses gladly send us checks every month to get access to it.

And the only real “risk” we take is the $10.88 to buy the domain.

But, there was kind of kink in the flow…

We found that most folks could build a valuable, passive income generating web property in about 6-8 hours.

You’d need about $10.88 for the domain…


You’d need to install WordPress, upload a free template, customize it, setup the hosting, write all the meta tags, install the proper “schemas”, upload and setup all the “plugins” and write the content.


It was kinda like getting a hose that works fine, it was just tied up in knots and you had to untangle it all.


Most folks trying to replace their income didn’t have enough time to learn how to do all that, and even IF they did, they ended up spending hours and hours in front of the computer, frustrated and confused.



That’s why we created the Passive Income Ignytr.

This breakthrough software creates valuable, high ranking sites in about 15-20 minutes.

You don’t need to write any code, learn WordPress, install plugins, write any complicated “schemas”, buy or setup plugins, setup hosting or Cpanels…




If you can use Microsoft Word, you can have a valuable, in-demand web property that businesses will send you a check EVERY month for. And you can get it done in 20-minutes!

And once the site is built, Ignytr takes care of everything else, from sending the monthly reports to invoicing.

You never have to touch the site again.


The only actual “work” you need to do is login to your bank every month to make sure the money has been deposited into your account.

Just like an automatic sprinkler system automates water flow…

Ignytr automates income flow…



If your “income hose” isn’t flowing as much as you’d like

…and you’re only seeing a few sales here and there DESPITE how long and hard you work to get to dependable, consistent source of income…

Then let’s work together and setup your first automatic income flow.


What do you say?

For a very limited time…

We are going to give you access to our Passive Income Ignytr at the lowest investment we’ve ever allowed.

We’re going to roll out the carpet for you in a big way:

You’ll get access to the Passive Income Ignytr AND one year VIP membership to the biggest, friendliest and most supportive group of folks already knocking down 6 figures a year you ever met.

We call it the Digital Asset Academy.

Not only will you get access to this amazing support group and TONS of step-by step trainings and tools

…all designed to remove all the kinks and holes in your income hose…

AND (and this is what we’re MOST excited about…)

We – along with dozens of other folks making 6-7+ figures a year will take you by the hand and help get your FIRST sale of $5k or more

…then lead you towards a stable, dependable 6 figure income.


It’s a simple as that. And doesn’t require you to figure out how to pave this road alone….


Get details and join us:

===> Passive Income Ignytr & Digital Asset Academy VIP Membership

We’d be SO honored IF you’d join us!

We can only hold it open for a small handful of new members though…

I’m not saying to drop everything this second..

…but we’re only offering these advantages (and 75% off) the Passive Income Ignytr & Digital Asset Academy VIP Membership to the first 200 fast movers.

We gotta limit it to 200 because Ben and I want to give every member of the Digital Asset Academy the time needed to get them to their first sale of $5k.



Ready to start building your automatic cash flow?

===> Passive Income Ignytr & Digital Asset Academy VIP Membership

We Can’t Wait to See You On This Inside!




Rock On!

Ben Littlefield

And Doc Dan


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